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AWARD 2019

    The Bangkok Post received an award for outstanding newspaper editorial writing from the National Press Council of Thailand (NPCT).
    The NPCT said editorial articles published by mainstream newspapers in 2018 were considered by a panel, who decided the Bangkok Post leader titled “Let’s have fair health care” — published on 14 December 2018 — deserved the top honour.
    The piece highlights the unfair nature of the nation’s three main healthcare funds – namely the Universal Healthcare Coverage (UHC) scheme; the Welfare Fund for Civil Servants; and the workers’ welfare scheme under the Social Security Fund (SSF).
    Judges said the article is “well-organised, informative…with a clear stance against inequality for the benefit of the people”.

    Bangkok Post photographer Wichan Charoenkiatpakul won an honurable mention in the Isara Amantakul Awards on Reporters’ Day, 5 March 2019.
    In Wichan’s photo, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha sits on a bamboo bench with a pha khao ma cloth around his waist and neck while embracing an elderly lady. As the election drew near, Gen Prayut was keeping mum about his political future though he had been out and about meeting voters.

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