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We aim to be the best in the business of news and information in Thailand and the region, reaching out to the world.



The corporate vision of the Bangkok Post Public Company Limited is to be “the leader in the media industry in Thailand and the region” in providing, through a variety of print and digital media platforms, accurate news and information, including business news and lifestyle features, that are both timely and relevant to the ever-changing trends, requirements and interests of its targeted readers and audiences. The Bangkok Post is truly the “Newspaper You Can Trust”.


In order to realise the above stated “Vision”, the Bangkok Post Public Company Limited undertakes the following activities:

  • Sources and disseminates content that is accurate, timely and relevant to the requirements and ever-changing lifestyles of its various readers and audience groups.
  • Expands, in terms of breadth and depth of coverage, current media platform portfolios and associated content in order to reach the widest readership and audience base.
  • Leverages its content portfolio together with its communications media expertise, brand recognition and distribution channels by creating business partnerships and sponsoring a variety of events to help broaden the current business and advertiser and customer base.
  • Explores new media and communications business opportunities in existing, new and emerging media communications, and broadcasting platforms. This is to enable the Group to effectively widen and broaden its reach while providing relevant content for its reader and audience groups, and to sustain its financial performance for the future.
  • As a publicly listed company, adopts good corporate governance principles and practices together with associated good business ethics in its operations; aims to be at all times a good corporate citizen undertaking activities affirming its corporate social responsibilities; supports and helps promote sustainable development of wider society, local communities, and the environment.

Updated: End of 2019

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