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ฺBangkok Post Conference 2019

Wednesday September 25, 2019

Power of Data: Privacy in a Connected World

On 25 September 2019 Bangkok Post organized ฺBangkok Post Conference 2019, Power of Data: Privacy in a Connected World at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok.

Worachai Bhicharnchitr, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Bangkok Post Group, welcomes the ministers and participants.

Tanin NoirungseeChief Technology Officer, Huawei Technologies (Thailand), on safeguarding data of clients:

It is safeguarded on cloud computing centre.

Huawei's cloud service in line with local and international laws

Companies have to prepare themselves for the law by coming up with readiness plans.

Vira-Anong C. PhutrakulManaging director, Consumer Business Manager, Citi Thailand, on power of data
Data is powerful to enhance the clients' performance.
Data sets can be customised to serve and service the needs of clients.
Clients have "100%" rights to keep their data private.
Citi has centres to fight perpetrators around the clock to protect the date of customers.
Don't be scared to use data after the Data Protection Law takes effect.

Gryseels,True Digital Group president
Companies have to invest in learning to catch up with fast changing technology.
Data is innovation that can lead to better service.

Jarun Ngamvirojcharoen,Chief Dta Scientist and VP of Data Innovation Lab, Sertis, on Data Protection Law
Utility and privacy of the data is a trade-off.

Siranya Rhuvattana,Lawyer, Baker & McKenzie on Data Protection Law
Companies have to "re-engineer" the whole system as they prepare for the law to take effect.
Customers have to be well informed about the safety and storage of their data.

Paiboon Amonpinyokeat,Member of Committee on Data Protection Law:
The Data Protection Law "indirectly or directly" affects you.

DE Minister Buddhipongse deliver a keynote speech:
All have to play a part in moving Thailand forward.
Access for all to digital technology will be key to Thailand's move to digital economy.
Govt to improve IT infrastructure and raise awareness of people to access to it.
"I will push for the ministry to fulfill its name DES," Digital Economy and Society."
Collecting big data is one of the most important priorities for the government.
The DE Ministry will compile all information to create big data from all agencies in 6 months.
Information from all stakeholders will be compiled into big data for them to share and manage their strategies.
Healthcare and tourism sectors are targeted by the government to benefit from big data.
The import and export sectors will benefit from big data, too. "Nobody has ever gathered big data from the import and export sectors."
Big data on trade can help Thailand manage logistics and map out strategies.
The Data Privacy Act that already took effect is up to international standard and international norms.
The ministry is still in the process of setting up an institution to be the rule keeper of the Act.
"Let's not worry too much about the law."
The law will enable people and businesses to fully benefit from it.
The counter fake news centre set up at the ministry is not a political instrument.
"It's not for political purposes."
Thailand plans to be the digital hub of Asean.
"EEC and the digital park will definitely happen" under this government.
"Digital government is a must that we have to get there."
Digital Economy and Society Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanata is delivering a keynote speech at at the Bangkok Post Conference on Power of Data.


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