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The year 2019 marked the 73rd anniversary of the Bangkok Post, a publication that has been steadfast in its duty and commitment to being a responsible media outlet serving the country and society.

Throughout the history of the country’s oldest newspaper, the Bangkok Post has witnessed Thailand’s rise to prominence on the global stage in terms of economics, society and politics, with tourist arrivals surpassing 39 million in 2019.

The country’s leading English-language daily, the Bangkok Post has been a window on Thailand. It presents accurate and reliable news reports about the country to readers around the world through a variety of platforms, in addition to its print edition. The Bangkok Post has developed content to be offered through online and digital outlets, including the paper’s webpage, social media accounts, digital newspaper and smartphone application.

In 2019, the Bangkok Post’s website saw a marked expansion, evident from surging page views which reached 84.7 million, up 11.9% from 2018, and was accessed by around 16.7 million people, according to Google Analytics. The website recorded an average of 230,000 page views and was accessed by 91,206 devices daily. It has also clocked up more than 960,844 Facebook followers. Importantly, website surfers spend an average of 5.09 minutes viewing pages compared to an average time of 2-3 minutes on local news websites, according to Truehits. net, Thailand’s only independent website-tracking service. The figures reinforce how the Bangkok Post’s news reports and content across its platforms have won the trust of readers both within and outside the country.

For the printed paper, although 2019 was another challenging year, as was the case for newspapers around the world, the Bangkok Post marked a significant milestone in its content development to serve readers.

The Bangkok Post has joined The Wall Street Journal in a threeyear partnership to help bring some of the world’s most insightful articles and analysis to readers. The partnership solidifies the Bangkok Post’s commitment to delivering the best news and information.

In 2019, the Bangkok Post put together a range of activities, and the response from readers and sponsors was outstanding. Deserving a mention, the Bangkok Post Forum covered important issues affecting the world, including 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and the power of data.

The Bangkok Post International Forum is an annual event that reaped much success as its panel of speakers was joined by ministers, leaders of foreign governments and heads of international organisations.

This shows the credibility the Bangkok Post has gained in the eyes of local and international readers and partners.

The year ahead in news terms looks nothing short of monumental, with many major local and international events and developments ranging from political to economic. The Bangkok Post stands ready to report important news and events to readers, with steadfast adherence to media ethics and professionalism, under the motto “The newspaper you can trust”.

Updated: End of 2019

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On Sunday

While normally in Thailand, newspapers on Sundays are very thin. But Sunday Bangkok Post has done the opposite; we're the thickest newspaper on the market on Sundays.

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And for the ones that crave for funnies, we also have our comic section in full colour. All these special section come in easy-to-take-around tabloid.

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