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Throughout 2019, Post Digital remained committed to improving its products and services through artificial intelligence (AI), data management and user-friendly design. The aim is to best serve our online audience whose behaviour and needs have changed significantly over the years as well as to maximise benefits to sponsors and advertisers who are looking for new, more effective ways to reach consumers.

Apart from redesigning the Bangkok Post and Post Today websites, the digital business unit tailored its back-office operations to cater more to an increasing number of mobile users. The result was satisfying, with mobile traffic to the Bangkok Post website growing 11% from 48% to 59%. The team also increased the download speed of both websites to ensure that users have an overall more satisfactory experience. Post Digital further developed the company’s social media services – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Line.

For 2020, Post Digital is geared to take a leadership position in the online market, especially through improved use of data. The team is in the process of developing a global member system which will be employed together with a Data Management Platform (DMP). The tools give us insights into our readers in terms of profile and behaviour. The information helps us develop content that meets the interests of readers and enables a more personalised experience. For advertisers, the insights allow more precise targeting and therefore more effective campaigns and communications.

As a long-term strategy, Post Digital plans to offer more services to its 10-million users by adding financial services, bookings, and e-commerce products and services to our websites.

Updated: End of 2019

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