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The growth by leaps and bounds of digital media both in terms of content, new brands and advertising revenue is among the most-watched trends in the media industry. The Bangkok Post Group is keenly aware of this trend and has put digital media development at the forefront of its agenda.

The Group has, over the years, modified its business direction and strategies to ensure that it can meet the growing demands of online consumers. The company’s digital media unit has been restructured to make sure it can respond to our readers’ and customers’ ever-changing expectations. Expert consultants specialising in digital media both at the local and international level were brought in, along with modern technologies and tools for better solutions.

The Digital Media unit has been responsible for developing digital media for the Bangkok Post Group since 2005, and currently oversees a variety of digital channels and platforms, including; SMS, websites, mobile applications, e-books, social media and a diverse array of digital partnerships with the Bangkok Post, Post Today, M2F and S Weekly.

In 2018 the Digital Media unit focused on expanding the company’s consumer and advertiser base as well as partnerships with the aim of diversifying revenue streams. The unit is also committed to implementing the latest technologies and innovations to better serve consumers in the ever-changing digital era.

Updated: End of 2018

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