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Elle Thailand

When Post International Media Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 to produce and publish ELLE Thailand Magazine, it became the first iconic international fashion magazine to be published in Thailand.

As 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of ELLE Thailand, the occasion will be celebrated with several activities for readers and advertisers in both the print and online editions. Among them are a more extravagant ELLE Fashion Week than ever before as well as the 2nd ELLE Thailand Beauty Awards, following its successful debut in 2018, plus several smaller events taking place at regular intervals throughout the year.

Besides using digital media to develop and upgrade the publication’s content so it is accessible on all platforms, ELLE extended its distribution network to online stores such as JD Central and Shopee, thereby creating more opportunities to directly approach readers.

Also during its 25th anniversary year, ELLE will continue to consolidate its position as the top fashion media in Thailand both in print and digital form. In the latter case, ELLE will build on its 2018 push which has so far generated over 40 million baht in digital revenue. To attract a larger audience and generate higher revenue, ELLE will fuse more print and digital content to help give readers a richer experience, strengthen newsstand sales and increase circulation.

ELLE will work more closely with both its top advertisers and new advertisers, offering them more effective means of connecting with their markets through every platform. Revenue will be increased both by bringing new viewers to the experience and from conceptualisation, production, media and organisation fees.

Forbes Thailand

Originated more than a century ago, the history of Forbes has been closely allied with the development of international capitalism. The magazine is seen as a symbol of wealth and success in the world of businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and top management.

Although technological developments have affected print media, TV and magazines in general, Forbes Thailand has maintained its popularity and booked a satisfactory result in 2018 that beat both its target and the previous year’s results.

These days, Forbes Thailand nowadays reaches out to its readers via various platforms, including the printed magazine, e-magazine (a la carte & buffet) and other digital content channels ( and social media, including Facebook and Instagram).

During 2018, Forbes Thailand, Forbes Media LLC and their partners hosted a record five events, namely: “Forbes Thailand Alternative Investments 2018: Investment Opportunities in Digital Era: Finding the Right Balance,” an exclusive event held annually with Tisco Wealth Management for its high net worth clients; “The Next Tycoons”, one of Forbes Thailand’s signature events to celebrate the magazine’s 5th anniversary under the sub-theme “Leading in the Age of Disruptions”; “Forbes Private Dinner”, hosted in conjunction with Forbes Media LLC, featuring Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-In-Chief of Forbes Media, as the guest speaker on the topic of “Fact and Comment: Outlook of the World Economy”; “Forbes Global CEO Conference” organised for the first time in Thailand, that drew more than 400 CEOs and top executives from around the world; and “Forbes Thailand Private Dinner” held for the first time with Mr. Pham Hong Hai, CDO of HSBC Bank (Vietnam) as the guest speaker on the topic of “Inside Vietnam’s success story: the myths & truths about the economy and its business networks”.

During 2018, two special publications, “Wealth Management & Investing 2018”, and “Forbes Life: Bangkok 2025 & Beyond”, were published as complimentary supplements for subscribers and readers of Forbes Thailand’s June and November issues, respectively.

Science Illustrated

In 2018, the Thai-language version of Science Illustrated offered interesting content about the world of science and culture for readers interested in making science fun and more accessible, with the launch of a monthly edition of its main print version. The publishing team also expanded its channels, offering content to online readers through its website,, and social media sites including Facebook and Instagram.

Revenue from Science Illustrated rose in 2018 by 249 per cent over the previous year, thanks to special projects and activities aimed at its main target group. These include ‘Si-Camp (Singapore)’ science camp which gave teenagers the opportunity to take part in scientific activities in Singapore; and placement of magazine exhibition booths at the Science and Mathematics Olympiad (ASMO), at Mahidol Wittayanusorn School and Suankularb Witthayalai School.

This year, Science Illustrated is determined to continue developing its potential in both print and online media. Other measures aimed at generating more revenue for the magazine include seeking more advertisers, encouraging annual membership and organising special activities.

Focusing on its subscribers, Science Illustrated Thailand offers content that deals with themes of optimism and positive thinking, intended to help create a brighter future for our world and to promote a good attitude by means of encouraging a deeper understanding of science and culture.

Cleo Thailand

In 2018, CLEO Thailand maintained revenue growth from subscriptions, newsstand sales and advertising in its print publications, its main media, including advertising in CLEO Free Copy.

The publication continues to seek to generate more revenue by collaborating with sponsors to organise events spaced throughout the year. In 2018, these included in date order: ‘AIS Smart GEN 2018 by CLEO’, the response to which was beyond expectations; ‘NIVEA Mutual Skin Influencers Search by CLEO’; the annual ‘La Roche-Posay Effaclar Generation Search by CLEO’; ‘CLEO Office Pop Up 2018’; ‘Cleo on Campus 2018’, and; ‘CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2018 Presented by IPSA’.

Digital trends impacting the publishing industry presented challenges to ELLE Thailand in 2018. However, the publication is continuing to strengthen its online marketing and its outreach to readers of publications who prefer them in digital forms. More specifically, online marketing is being extended through, ‘CLEO Thailand You Tube’, ‘CLEO On Ground’, ‘CLEO Horoscope’, ‘CLEO Bachelors XOXO’, ‘CLEO Make Over’, and ‘CLEO Connect’. In addition, the publication’s social networking sites, mainly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, are also attracting and influencing many followers.

The clear goal of CLEO in 2019 is to expand its range of readers and advertisers both in print and online. In accomplishing this, the publication will continue to seek sponsors of all the events and activities it plans to stage.

As it turns 22 years old, CLEO Thailand will continue to be at the side of modern Thai women while moving ahead on all fronts.

Updated: End of 2018

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