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As the company’s flagship, the Bangkok Post passed through last year’s economic difficulties while maintaining its position as the preferred choice for readers both inside and outside the country.

The Bangkok Post stands proudly as the leading English language daily newspaper in Thailand and one of the most trustworthy sources of news and information in the region. As a brand, it remains highly trusted by marketing professionals and advertisers thanks to a large, diverse readership base in both print and digital formats.

M2F remains at the top of the freesheet newspaper market, with the largest print run and circulation network in the country. The editorial content is designed to correspond to the lifestyles of its readers, earning it regular and loyal followers who look for the newspaper each morning from Monday to Friday. Thanks to its sharp focus, M2F has attracted a large number of advertisers who have as their targets first-time employees, office workers and consumers in general.

Updated: End of 2018

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