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Bangkok Post, also celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2016, remains the leading daily English-language newspaper in Thailand – in terms of circulation, readership base, and advertising revenues – in both print and digital formats. As one of the most respected and trusted news sources in Thailand and the Region, the Bangkok Post is known as being a highly trusted and quality medium for advertisers and marketers aiming to access affluent, sophisticated local Thai and foreign consumers. Ongoing online subscriber-based services continue to expand, in terms of popularity (achieving more than 70,000 hits per day), and reach into the growing readership base of the digital-savvy younger generation, and continually adds new services such as a five-year ‘backwards’ data archive search.

Post Today, which celebrated its 13th anniversary in February 2016, has continued to expand its readership base through initiating various new digital platforms and plans to refresh its presentation format in early 2017 in order to be more appealing to existing readers and to attract the younger, more digital media-savvy young generation of readers. Its online version achieves more than 12 million visits per month while through Facebook platform now reaches 3.2 million readers. However, despite this very significant increase in its online readership, the print media version is still popular and able to maintain growth in its readership base, due to continuing editorial content enhancements to better meet readers’ requirements – such as, since 2014, a more in-depth coverage of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) related news and information due to its formal establishment at the end of December 2015. Further, in 2015, the Thai daily added more in-depth coverage of Thailand’s macroeconomic issues and trends, with the aim of highlighting associated issues and trends of interest to its readers together with the government’s key economic policies and measures to proactively manage the Thai economy

M2F free daily newspaper in Thai language continues to be popular and profitable. Currently it distributes 400,000 copies every day (as audited and certified by HK ABC). In 2016, following the emergence of the capital’s underground transportation network, M2F shifted its focus to expanding its readership in Bangkok and its vicinities to more than two million people. During 2016, its core aim of attracting both an expanded readership and advertiser base on a more nationwide basis, so as to capture new business operators and service providers, achieved more success and this will continue to drive increased advertising revenues. Its ongoing success, as a pioneering free weekday Thai-language entertainment and lifestyle newspaper that offers relevant features for its readers together with value for money to its advertiser base through continuous contents and format enhancements, has also inspired other media companies to produce and publish similar free daily newspapers or lifestyle related print media. As such, the Post Group will continue, during 2017, to further develop the M2F product and media formats so as to remain a sustainable business that meets the requirements of its expanding targeted bases through providing more relevant and attractive lifestyle news and features as well as targeted advertiser bases.

Student Weekly, a weekly English-language newspaper aimed at students and educators, now in its 47th year, continues to be popular. Student Weekly provides top-quality education-related and current affairs news and special features, together with relevant entertainment/ lifestyle information aimed at its target student readership. Over the years, and especially during 2016, Student Weekly has continued to modernise in terms of format and available platforms. This process continues to enhance its position as a fun, attractive and staple English-language learning tool that attracts a continually expanding, loyal, and increasingly tech-savvy, readership and advertising base. Recent improvements in the publication are aimed at attracting the interest of existing readers who are loyal to the brand as well as those absorbed by new technologies. This new group of readers is growing continuously. During 2016, Student Weekly evolved and updated its website, its Twitter account and its Facebook page that now has some 80,000 followers and growing. With the establishment of the AEC that directly challenges Thais to improve their English language skills, this weekly English-language publication is well-positioned as a fun and entertaining media that offers a well-planned English language learning experience to young Thais, so helping them improve their language skills. As such, Student Weekly is and will remain key to Thailand’s successful coexistence within the AEC. In 2016, Student Weekly changed its name to “S Weekly”, with the aim of expanding its readership from junior high and high school students, to include general readers. “S Weekly” is inserted in the Sunday edition of Post Today. This rebranding is expected to increase the readership by four times and attract new advertisers.

Updated: End of 2016

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